In beginning

   Hourly pay of longshoremens for cargoes before 50 kg on 1 longshoremen (100 kg - on 2 longshoremens and etc.) In these frames enters the whole furniture. Piano, grand pianoes, safes are paid on special tariffs.
   1 longshoremen = 350 roubles/hour (11.11.2010)
   Possible payment of longshoremens "on the list" belongings.

   Time (min) payment:
   1-2 longshoremens - 2 hours
   3 longshoremens - 3 hours
   4 longshoremens - 4 hours...

   Profile - transportation furniture, piano... Longshoremens possible to book with the single-purpose transport and apart.
   Also: stripping/assembly furniture, packing, stand; bear to the platform for the rubbish, transposition in the apartment, loading/unload of containers with furniture and home things...
   With the traffic manager possible to discuss and execution by longshoremens of other types of work.
   Our longshoremens do not concern with an unload/unloading the coaches, rubbish containers. They not nightwork.
   Some drivers sometimes are to execute to functions a longshoremen for the additional payment (specify at the order!).
   Better book longshoremens beforehand, but, at presence of free longshoremens, You are to do an order and for a current day.

   On the packed version site You will find more detailed information on this subject. On Your questions is ready to answer and traffic manager

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