In beginning

   Our traffic manager service with 1995 affords in SPb:
   - broad choice of cars on type and tonnage;
   - objective competitive prices;
   - majority of our carriers-partners for time of cooperations already have prove its reliability.
   Mean time of presenting a car under loading - 1 hour.
   We work in the week-day, output and holidays, crisises and periods of rush jobs. Service a population and organizations.
   Region of service - SPb, Leningrad area, NORTHWEST and Russia adjoin regions.
   Moscow direction is paid "in one side", are possible passing transportation.
   Possible longshoremen order.
   Possible car order with special equipment - machines with the manipulator, machines with the lift, vans for furniture and many the another...
   Be and cargo-passenger cars.
   Possible available payment and cashless downpayment without the VAT.
   Possible payment for a time and payment for the flight.
   Calculator of cargo transportations and more full information - on the packed version site. In that place be references to calculators main cargo-carriers of region.
   Order is to transportation of cargoes possible to do on telephone with 9 before 22:

Cargo transportations
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