In beginning

   Tap-manipulator on the on-board car serves for loading, unloading and deiveries of average-gabarits of subjects before 5 tons each and length before 6 metres.
   This - building elements and designs, lodges, equipment...
   Manipulator can be use and for the montage of designs or for the transposition of subjects on the locked territory.
   Using a manipulator more economical, than use of apart tap and on-board machine (particularly under distant transportation).
   For instance, mini a manipulator will dispense 600 roubles/hour (is minimum = 3000 for 4 business hourses).
   Our traffic manager service has given on many organizations and individual businessmans, afford these facilities and will help quickly to select the most acceptable for You variant. In the urgent event we execute SMS-dispatch on the database of manipulators.

   On the main version site be more full information on services of auto manipulators. With 9 before 22 possible assign its question a traffic manager -

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