In beginning

   Often transportation a piano or grand piano can will be show stranger to the glance than-that very difficult... Weight of subject - exceeds physical possibilities of usual people, condition of movement on the stairway do not allow to use mechanisms and, in ditto time, cargo value requires a particular address...
   Really, transportation a piano, grand piano is distinguish from transportation usual furniture, but for the majority of instruments and stairways of Petersburg a process occurs sister and problems does not appear.
   Exactly so price of such transportation though and will differ from price to transportation furniture, but not so уж vastly - a cost of transportation You could by itself reckon for our site, if have use is packed by the version this pages.
   In that place in the photo-report You may will beforehand be introduce with the technology of transportation a piano and grand piano.
   Under Your preliminary demand longshoremens are to pack an instrument in the bubble film - cost stand nondearly, but You are to warn on this beforehand.

Transportation a piano
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