In beginning

   Dump trucks and container are afford For the export of rubbish.
   For loading the dump trucks or stand, bear rubbish on nearest to the house rubbish platform are afford longshoremens.
   Dump trucks (Zil, Kamaz) - from 5 before 9 m/cubic.
   Container - from 6 before 27 m/cubic.
   First of all we withdrew a building rubbish for the population (doors, windows, boards, parquet, giprok, bags with the plaster...). Also possible export old furniture, home appliances, piano...
   Order is on the export of rubbish better to do beforehand, but possible and in same day.
   We do not concern with an export of snow, home waste.

   On the packed version site You will find more full information and current prices. Hear prices and do order possible and on telephone -

Export of rubbish
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