In beginning

   Bus Order or microbus is done on the telephone.
   Under the preliminary order You are to drive up and look a chosen bus, enter into agreement and do a partial downpayment.
   Depending on concrete situations is use hourly pay or payment "for the flight".
   We execute transportation on the city, area and Russia, but not hereinafter 1000 km.
   Beside us it is impossible book a bus without the driver or lease in the bus several places (only the whole bus wholly).
   The Greater buses on the tourist season recommend book beforehand (for a month and more). Other buses or buses in other time usually possible to book for several days. Often there is and possibility of urgent order.
   Also be and cargo-passenger of transportation. Seating capacity 5-6, cargo-carrying capacity 1-1,5 tons.
   Transportation of passengers are executed with using a transport of partners.

   On the main version site You will find a calculator for the calculation of transportation of passengers on the city and Russia, photo-report our transport (buses, microbuses, limousines).

Transportation of passengers
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